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Wandering Librarian: Portsmouth Public Library

Wandering up the coast to America’s 3rd oldest city for July 4th, I stopped into the Portsmouth Public Library. Expecting a venerable building, I instead found a newish building. My disappointment was quickly assuaged upon entering the building. I was immediately met with an open and airy room with cozy seating areas, fantastic book displays and beautiful floral arrangements.

The 1st floor teen space is adequate as are the teen programs. The children’s section on the 1st floor is large. The children’s programs are also large in number & make up for most of the programs (which I’m discovering is common outside of NYC).

Some fun summer program highlights: Reading therapy dog, reading buddies (pair a new reader with an experienced reader) and a how-to festival to learn new skills.

My main takeaway from my visit: Portsmouth Public Library does a fantastic job of covering all the technology needs of its patrons from “old” technology like typewriters and microfilm machines to new technology like its 3D printers. The library also offers classes & 1-on-1 services to assist patrons with their digital & tech needs.

All in all, a fantastic library that’s worth a visit. I only wish I had more time for a more in-depth visit.




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