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Wandering Librarian: Fairfield Public Library

Continuing my wandering around Fairfield County,CT, I stopped at Fairfield Public Library. My first impression was that it is a well used library judging by the number of people inside at 10am on a Monday. My second impression was that my wandering would be guided by well placed and informative signage.

Several things I noticed as I wandered around:

  • Preloaded learning tablets available to check out
  • No self-check out system
  • Charging stations
  • Art gallery displaying local artist
  • Low vision services area
  • Inviting and well stocked periodical room
  • Video game lending
  • Interesting book sections:
    • celebrity memoir, celebrity chef, 7 day loan, 14 day loan

In general I found the library to be comfortable and neat; no flyers taped to walls, not stacks of papers/books strewn throughout, no abandoned book carts.

In regards to programs and events, the library offers the requisite storytimes, tech/computer programs, job/career programs, craft programs, cultural programs teen programs and book clubs. I did notice some very timely program based on today’s hot topics such as the upcoming Oscars, media literacy, tax prep assistance, and popular health topics.

Overall a wonderful library bringing together its community and nothing demonstrates that more than their One Book One Town celebration that connects Fairfielders by uniting them for the month of March with 2 books and events & activities around these titles.



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