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Panera Bread 2.0 vs Panera Bread 1.0

img_20161119_081225This fall, I have been a frequent customer at my local Panera Bread before school drop off. The customer service has been wonderful and I look forward to my biweekly interaction with the cashiers.

Recently, I encountered a Panera 2.0 kiosk system at a D.C. location. While I still completed my order the old fashioned 1.0 way, I was intrigued by this system. Admittedly, I can see myself using this system in the future. Mainly to leisurely browse the menu without the harried customer behind me breathing down my neck to order. I can also see myself using Panera’s online Rapid Pick-up sometime in the future. Judging from Panera’s 6% sales increase since launching 2.0 it has been hugely successful.

While not a proponent of mixing technology with food, so far this model seems to work. Partly due to the fact that Panera has not completely eliminated its employees and in fact claims that this new system allows for employees to circulate around the cafe more.



One response to “Panera Bread 2.0 vs Panera Bread 1.0

  1. Stephen Francoeur December 14, 2016 at 8:52 am

    I’ve been eating at the Panera on 23rd and Park 2-3 times a week for the past year. When I first started going, I only used the tablets for ordering. Then I discovered the app that let me order from my office and find my food waiting for me when I arrived there. I love it. The staff there is exceedingly well trained and friendly. And you’re right that Panera has found a way to let the staff mix more directly with the customers. It makes lunch feel more social than the usual harried order/retreat from counter scenario. Rounding out the overall great experience there is the nice upstairs dining area with views of the busy street below.

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