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Bathroom Blogfest 2016: A Uni-Sex Bathroom

Earlier this week, I entered a uni-sex bathroom that threw me off.


Uni Sex Bathroom Sign. Nothing unusual. Needed a key to bathroom and key was hard to use as it was attached to a large keychain, but not a big deal.


Stepping into the bathroom, I saw three sinks and to the left was one individual handicap accessible toilet stall. On the back wall was a diaper changing table.


To my right, I saw a hand dryer and three urinals. Um…so it’s a non-singular uni sex bathroom? The only explanation I could think of is that it probably was originally either a women’s or men’s bathroom but for some reason they decided to make it into a uni-sex bathroom. Thoughts? I may casually ask about this the next time I’m there, I’m kinda curious.

What’s your bathroom story?

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