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For Once I Don’t Mind a Delay

For the first time ever, I didn’t mind when the PA system announced a flight delay from Toronto to New York.  When you have a toddler, hearing that the time you have to keep a them out of mischief has increased indefinitely is frustrating. Not this time, not at Billy Bishop Airport.airport Because of this:

Free complimentary beverages! Tired and cranky travelers can drink their fill of complimentary coffee, tea, soda and water. For my toddler, all-he-can-eat cookies.

In all the years, in all the countries, in all the airports I’ve been in this is the first time I have ever seen this. A small gesture that goes a long way in boosting user experience. I wasn’t the only content traveler; all around me no one seemed too upset about a delay when it meant a comfortable lounge, free wifi and free beverages & snacks.

A tip of the hat to Billy Bishop & I hope this movement to please their travelers catches on with other airports.



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