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Upcoming Panel Discussion: Career Transitions for Librarians

A Panel Discussion on Career Transitions for Librarians: Proven Strategies for Transitioning to Another Type of Library

Wednesday, June 29th
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Baruch College, 151 East 25th Street

career-transitions.jpgInterested in learning strategies on making a major change in your career? Want to know how our colleagues have successfully refocused their own work by moving from one type of library to another successfully? This program brings together a panel of librarians who have worked in more than one type of library — special, public, academic, and more. Our colleagues will share their experiences, as well as the challenges and reward of making such career transitions.

Based on the newly published Career Transitions for Librarians, our panelists will provide thoughts, advice, and wisdom from librarians who have found occasion to make big changes in their career in libraries.


Note: The hot off the press Career Transitions for Librarians is co-edited by Davis Erin Anderson and Ray Pun, great colleagues and librarians.

Full disclosure: We contributed a chapter and will be a part of the panel discussion. See you there!


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