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Wandering Librarian: Perrot Memorial Library

Perrot libraryContinuing to wander around Fairfield County, Connecticut, I stopped in to visit the Perrot Memorial Library. Part of the larger Greenwich Library system, this branch is a fantastic stand alone library packed with all sorts of goodies for Old Greenwich residents.

Looking beyond the impressive Jeffersonian-style building, the inside houses the most impressive children’s room I’ve seen to date. Complete with a clubhouse style program room, life size stuffed animals and trees (albeit fake ones) the children’s room was a Wonderland for tiny readers.

As I continued my tour, I also noticed tiny details that together created a welcoming visit.

  • Next to the printing station a Kuerig inviting patrons to help themselves
  • A “great idea” box next to the computers
  • A used eye glass donation box
  • A community bulletin board
  • Most importantly: signs hanging from the ceiling to mark each section of the collection

On my virtual tour, I checked out the underwhelming website that while pretty sparse with awkward navigation contained the most pertinent features for patrons:

  • Online account access
  • Digital library
  • Online catalog
  • Program information

All in all, a very fun library visit.


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