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Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Stakeholder Analysis


Briefly did a stakeholder analysis activity in a project planning workshop earlier this month.


When/why: Stakeholder analysis is a way of gathering and analyzing information to determine who your stakeholders are when developing and/or implementing a project, process, or service. Stakeholders can be your users/clients/customers, your supervisor/boss, other departments/groups in your organization/company, your grant funders, etc. Some stakeholders may have the ability to green light, yellow light, or red light your project.

How: Brainstorm and start listing various stakeholders for your project on post-it notes. You can use different color post-it notes for different categories (i.e. external stakeholders can be blue and internal stakeholders can be red).

Tips: After you have a list of your stakeholders, you can do stakeholder mapping and find out how, when, and how often these stakeholders prefer project information and updates.

Interested in using/applying these methods in your work? Contact us for more info.



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