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Online Form Nonexistent

In a recent attempt to join Sparkbox Toys, a Netflix style toy borrowing service, I hit a snag with the online form. More than a snag, a complete halt. No matter how many times I refreshed or hit the join button I kept coming to a dead page. Finally, I emailed the company & a week later received a response. In short, I was told to wait until February for the new site.

This irked me for several reasons:

1.There was no placeholder page when attempting to join. No kind message thanking me for attempting to join & what I can do instead; just a blank dead page.

2. I was told to wait an entire month with no explanation.

3. I was given no other ways to join, i.e. via this brief email or via phone.

While typing up this post I decided to revisit the website & found this,


In all honesty, my previous user experience with Sparkbox left such a bad taste in my mouth that I will probably not be joining the latest iteration of this service.

Bad site, bad user experience = loss of potential customer.



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