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Darien Library Revisited

darien_logoIn 2010, we took a sojourn to visit Darien Library and blogged about it. Several weeks ago I decided to drop in and see what they were up to.

A short list of some cool happenings:

  • a maker space in the children’s section
  • 3, 3-D printers of various sizes for public use (when I asked what people are actually making one librarian told me he created a part for his motorcycle)
  • a heavily used Bloomberg terminal
  • a giant touch screen that is a building map
  • plans for tech fair/petting zoo this fall
  • a sign at each desk with the name of the staff member there

On this vIMG_20140805_121516isit I had the opportunity to sit with John Blyberg (Assistant Director – Innovation and UX)  and his team to talk shop. Being one of  the only devoted UX departments I’ve seen in a library, I was curious about how they fit into the library and their roles.

A list of some of our talking points:
  • they see themselves as department of consultants, administration/staff consult with them on initiatives
  • they don’t want to force population into space, want to ask community how library can be extension of what they need
  • they take a passive approach & don’t push UX, wait to see what people want
  • it took 2-3 years to guide internal culture of library around social media & technology

If you’d like to know more about Darien’s UX department & what they’re up to read their annual report available at


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