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Austin Public Library

john faulk central libraryWhile on a trip in Austin, Texas, I stopped in at the John Henry Faulk Central Library. I found the entrance to be underwhelming and it took several moments for me to orient myself when I walked through the doors. (The entrance and layout will be improved with the planned construction.) Once my library sense kicked in I went exploring.

john faulk reading listsThe book shelves were chock full of books, no over-weeding here. Some book shelves contained nicely displayed book lists for various genres and interest. The audio and CD section has a box for patron suggestions. The graphic novel/manga collection is the best of any library I’ve visited. This collection contained the basics as well as the canons and highly desired titles by avid graphic novel/manga fans.

water in a canThe weirdest part of my visit: 60¢ water in a can. – I applaud the library for “Keeping Austin Weird”

Some additional noteworthy items about the Austin system:

  • The Lego Lab program
  • Children and Young Adult lumped under Youth Services
  • On their website, under My APL tab there is a page for Ignored Users – I wonder what that means.
  • Austin Public Library boasts a separate building for recycled books and other items for sale.

recycled reads

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