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Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

2014 METRO Annual Conference Recap

metropolitan new york library council logoThe 2014 METRO Annual Conference kicked off with a keynote presentation by Jessamyn West where she talked about libraries, information, technology, and projects like the Open Library. The rest of the day consisted of 30-minute project briefing sessions with many opportunities to meet and connect with colleagues.

Some highlights:

NYPLarcade is like a book discussion, but for video games. It’s about promoting game literacy.

NYPL TechConnectNYPL TechConnect program offers technology classes in over 80 NYPL branches. In order to develop the program to transform technology training services/classes, part of the process involved asking three questions: What do we start, what do we stop, and what do we continue.  NYPL continues to evaluate the program by talking to both staff and patrons (Yes! Someone else understands the importance of getting feedback from both groups) and understands that it’s about asking the right questions – “Don’t ask questions that you can’t action.”

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