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No seat? No problem with Nada-Chair!

Natural-Nick-portrait-lgslbstr2No seat? No problem! With the Nada-Chair you can take a seat anywhere!

Cheesy campaign advertisments aside, a couple friends and I bought this baby from a fair in Portland, OR. This seemingly complicated BDSM device is actually a travel sling to prevent slouching by providing lower back support.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been using mine, even wearing it on the 5 hour flight back to NYC. I’m even rocking it right now as I type this. So far, I’m satisfied. It has certainly improved my sitting posture by serving as a seat back. Thanks Nada-Chair for this random, weird yet useful and usable product.

Have you come across any random, weird yet useful and usable products?


One response to “No seat? No problem with Nada-Chair!

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