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NYC Bike Share – Will it Work?

nyc-bike-shareIn a post many moons ago, we mentioned Washington DC’s bike share program; well now NYC has joined the game.

Bike share programs take advantage of the sharing economy of large cities and operate similar to Zipcar. The program allows riders to buy a pass, unlock a bike, ride their bike then return the bike to one of the stations. NYC is purported to be the largest program with 600 stations.

So far there have been mixed reviews and bad press. Just yesterday a man was reported to have been hit by an SUV while riding a NYC Bike Share bike.

While NYC may be creating more bike lanes and Department of Transportation claims a 73% decrease in the average risk of a serious injury experienced by commuter cyclists in NYC and a doubling of bike commuters, the city is still not conducive to biking.

bike commute usa

NYC is not even in the top 20 cities with most miles of bike paths per 100k population in the USA according to the League of American Bicyclist.

This same league also gives NYC a silver out of its bronze, silver, gold and platinum award level of bicycle friendly communities.

For now my bike will stay in my apartment gathering dust until NYC moves up in the rank of bicycle friendly cities.

So for now we’ll abstain from using the Bike Share Program for commuting until we hear more positive reviews.



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