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Backpack, Backpack!

doraRecently, on a successful jaunt to Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS), I found the backpack of my dreams. I’ve spent time looking for a day pack sans all the padding that adds weight to the pack. Most packs I’ve seen are expensive, canvas and weighted 13 oz- 1lb empty. I find most packs have extraneous padding, straps and buckles. I’m not Dora, I don’t need a purple talking backpack. My needs are pretty simple.

packable packJust as I was about to walk out of EMS, I stopped at a bin by the exit that carried these $40 packs. These nylon, 9 oz packs can be stuffed into its top pocket for easy storage. There are water-bottle holders on the sides. The packs have about 1500 cu. in. of volume. The downsides are that the pack is not waterproof and do not have the built-in internal frame for carrying comfort.  All in all, for a $40 pack I’m very pleased. Take that Dora!

What’s your backpack story? Do you use backpacks? Do you have the backpack of your dreams? 


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