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Little Island Library: Biblioteca de la Comunidad de Culebra

Culebra library collageOn a recent visit to Puerto Rico, I had a chance to visit the quaint Isla Culebra and its even quainter biblioteca.  Equipped with a 27 seat movie theater, 400+ books, computers, wi-fi and a staff of volunteers, the library (housed in 2 trailers) has become a community spot for residents and tourists since its inception in 2008.

On my visit I attended an art fair selling pieces made by students from Abbie’s school raising money for the school. I also talked to several patrons. One local family enjoyed reading in the children’s room. One young man has been on the island for 3 months and relies on the library’s wi-fi to write his dissertation.

Overall impression: an impressive little library that packs a punch.

Watch this video to learn more about the library. 


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