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Co-Working in the the Library: EUREKA space

coworkingmainWhile co-working spaces are nothing new in the start-up community, a co-working space in the library is.  ASU Venture Catalyst, the start-up arm of Arizona State University, and Scottsdale Public Library are piloting their EUREKA co-working space at the Civic Center Library.

These new locations will combine elements of the now popular co-working spaces, along with expert library fact-finding services and ASU startup resources, into one designated place. Innovators and entrepreneurs can use these EUREKA co-working spaces on a daily basis to work on their ideas while also getting mentorship, advice, and access to some “pracademic” classes both online and in the libraries. – Scottsdale, Ariz. (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

Validating the library as a 3rd place (The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg) is a battle constantly fought by libraries. The EUREKA spaces and the Alexandria Network give further credence to the library as a 3rd space.

Bravo to ASU and Scottsdale Public Library systems for recognizing the value of libraries in today’s innovation/creative economy beyond being simply a storage house for business resources.


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