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Field Trips: LinkedIn and Google

As you may know, we are fans of Google and LinkedIn. We use them in our work and talk about them in our leadership and career development presentations.


Recently, we went on field trips to the NYC offices of LinkedIn and Google. We started off a windy and rainy day with a tour of LinkedIn in the morning, followed by a tour of Google in the afternoon.

With LinkedIn’s open office design and relaxed, quiet atmosphere, it is clear why they are such a productive company.

Google’s office on the other hand is fun, social, and sophomoric. You can literally feel the buzz of exciting young minds working together in this powerhouse company.

Thanks LinkedIn and Google for enjoyable visits.


2 responses to “Field Trips: LinkedIn and Google

  1. Tim Kent October 10, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Hello! My 8th grade class is currently learning about online education courses called MOOCs. Google is instrumental in developing these. How does one land a field trip to the Google headquarters? The kids would be blown away by this experience. Any insight would be grateful.

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