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Bathroom Blogfest 2012: Task and Error Analysis

bathroom toiletIt’s pretty straightforward when it comes to using the bathroom, right? You find it, you use it, and then you’re done. Maybe, maybe not. We decided to do a quick task and error analysis of the bathroom experience. Here goes:

1) Find a (working) bathroom.
2) Wait in line for the bathroom. (Sometimes it turns out there wasn’t even a line or you were on the wrong line.)
3) It’s your turn. Go into bathroom.
4) Lock the bathroom door. (Sometimes you find out it doesn’t lock, sometimes you thought it was locked…)
5) Use the bathroom. (Sometimes you find out there’s no toilet paper.)
6) Flush. (Sometimes it flushes automatically, sometimes it flushes too soon, sometimes you don’t know how because the flush button is hiding…)

Did we miss anything? What else would you include?


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