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Mobile Library in Mexico City

While mobile libraries are nothing new, the Alumnos47 book truck is a different take on an old concept. Alumnos47 has converted a Freightliner M2 20K truck into a 215 square-foot mobile library with the capacity for 1,500 books on visual art and culture.

Realizing that construction on its library specializing in contemporary arts would take 3 years, the local art nonprofit temporarily took its collection to the streets.  Part library, part art museum, the Alumnos47 book truck can be found making its rounds in Mexico City.


One response to “Mobile Library in Mexico City

  1. gold account November 13, 2012 at 10:12 am

    Wherever it stops, the truck hosts a mix of workshops, seminars, and special events, relying on an interchangeable design to take advantage of every inch of space. Books are stacked on overhead trays to free up the main floor for events, allow a seamless transition from library to cultural center. Future events will include audiovisual presentations, book readings, and artist talks. Coloring and performance workshops make kids feel at home. Though visitors are not yet allowed to check out the books to take home, the truck takes the mold of a reading room, welcoming patrons to take books outside the truck, find a nice spot to read, and listen to music courtesy of the truck’s speakers.

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