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Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

The Job Skills of the Future, and of the Past

Tom Kucharvy recently posted a provocative post on the job skills of the future, and of the past.

As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it becomes capable of performing more and more tasks that previously could only be performed by humans. As of now, only three types of jobs still defy automation—specific forms of non-routine tasks (both manual and cognitive) and complex communications. Technology, however, is now beginning to make inroads even into these.

Kucharvy focuses on 2 key skills for the high-value jobs of the future:

  • Complex communication skills; and
  • High-level cognitive skills.

Read the rest of Kucharvy’s post to learn more.

How will the job skills of the future and of the past affect libraries and the library profession?


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