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Help Create a DRM-free Ebook Lending Social Network – Guest Post by Greg Belvedere

Help Create a DRM-free Ebook Lending Social Network.

Contribute to the Our Bookshelf Indiegogo campaign. A few months ago I wrote a guest post here that touched on some of the barriers to sharing ebooks legally. In that post I talked about my plans to create a DRM-free ebook lending social network called Our Bookshelf. I have designed the website and I now have a great developer lined up to build it. However, good programmers and graphic designers don’t work for free. So I have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds. You get neat perks when you contribute. More importantly, you will help create a place where people can share ebooks as easily they share print books, but in a way that still treats copyright holders fairly.

Your contribution will help Our Bookshelf reach its first phase and become an ebook lending social network for public domain books. Since these books are not under copyright, users may share them freely without having to worry about restrictive licenses. Once we have an active social network we will work start getting authors and publishers to adopt our new ebook license that allows sharing. I have worked out way to share ebooks fairly through the Our Bookshelf website. You can read more about it on our Indiegogo campaign page or on our website. I hope you will contribute and help improve the way we share ebooks. I also encourage you to tell any bibliophile friends and colleagues that you have. You can find us on facebook, google+, and on twitter @ourebookshelf

Greg Belvedere is the founder of Our Bookshelf, the DRM-Free ebook lending social network.


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