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DC: The Most User Friendly City in America?

During a recent visit to DC, I noticed several things that made me wonder if DC is the most user-centered city in the USA.

Here’s a list of things I discovered:

1. Bike Share Program.  Admittedly, DC is a bit late to the game in comparison to Europe, Asia and even smaller US cities like Portland.  However, NYC and LA are even later.  For $75/year, people can bike on demand.   Members can pick up a bike and return their bike at any of the stations throughout the city.

2.  Videophone Booth.  I saw this booth when I went to the public library. Deaf and hard-of-hearing users can place video relay calls to hearing friends, family, or business associates through an interpreter over a broadband Internet connection. This allows users to communicate in their first language: sign language.

Just as I was beginning to be impressed by DC’s ability to provide for its many users, I saw something that reversed my opinion.  A green “Do Not Enter” sign.  Need I say more?


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