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Bathroom Blogfest 2011 – Konnichiwa

Japan takes toilets to a whole new level of user experience.  Many moons ago in Tokyo, I had a chance to sit on one of their famous Western-style high-tech toilets.

If we are going to use the toilet 2,500 times a year and 6-8 time daily (according to the World Toilet Organization) we may as well be as comfortable as the Japanese are.

japan-toiletThere are often many confusing buttons provided only in the  Japanese language.  However, they usually have a picture to illustrate what the button does.

My favorite feature is the controllable heated seats.

My second favorite is the water saving flush options of “small” flush or “big flush”.

Some additional features include the integrated bidet and the automatic deodorizer.

If I sound like a toilet advertisement, you only have to sit on one of these thrones to see why.


3 responses to “Bathroom Blogfest 2011 – Konnichiwa

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  2. B. E. Berger November 6, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    I found the small and big flush options ubiquitous in parts of Europe, such as The Netherlands, as well.

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