People Interact

Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

Happy Birthday!

It’s been a year since we launched this blog.

Here’s a look back at our top 21 posts:

  1. Summer Reading Booklist
  2. SLA 2011 Conference Highlights from a SLA Rising Star
  3. Tablet vs Laptop
  4. Google Does It Again!
  5. Everyday Usability: Library Cards
  6. Ignore Everybody
  7. SLA 2011: Picks from a SLA Rising Star
  8. Kudos to Lisa!
  9. Everyday Usability: Book Carts
  10. Are YOU T-Shaped?
  11. Making the Most of 3.5” x 2”
  12. Everyday Usability: Portable Library
  13. Hello, My Name Is…
  14. We ♥ IDEO
  15. Music for the Mood, Digital Stamps, Vending Machines and More
  16. I’m Not Job Hopping, I’m Job Shopping
  17. Looking for Ways to Freshen Up Your Skills?
  18. Our Top 10 Free Tools 2010
  19. Will Apple soon be launching iCloud?
  20. User Experience: The Reference Interaction
  21. Creating and Managing Your Online Identity

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