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Music for the Mood, Digital Stamps, Vending Machines and More

I got the trend watching briefing “Innovation Extravaganza” in my inbox last month and finally got a chance to look at it after SLA. It features over 30 innovations arranged by 14 trends/categories ranging from happiness to embedded stories.

Here are a few that I found interesting:

  • In the mood for a certain kind of music? Moodagent analyzes and profiles a user’s music collection and then creates playlists to suit their mood.
  • With emails, text messages and instant messages all around us, it’s nice to send a message via snail mail, but chances are you probably don’t have stamps. The Denmark Post now has digital stamps that you can buy via text message and a code is sent to you which then can be written on the envelope.
  • Wonder about the “who, what, when and where” of a donated item? RememberMe allows people to attach stories to donated items using RFID tags.
  • Get or send something different in the mail. Not Another Bill sends a surprise gift every month.
  • Speaking of vending machines in the last post, you can now buy a soda for a friend from a Social Vending Machine and your friend can redeem the drink with the SMS code at participating machines.
Check out the rest here. Which ones caught your attention?

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