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Gleeking Out!

Hello, my name is Sandra and I’m a Glee addict.  I’m rather a late bloomer when it comes to this musical comedy-drama television series.  Admittedly, I’m not at the begining of the Glee curve, I’m probably more around the vicinity of the caboose.

I’ve decided to analyze my addiction and this is what I’ve discovered.

Glee Addiction Break Down (or why we’re so hooked):

1. it hits the range of human emotions – it makes us laugh, cry, hate, love…

2. it hits the range of music genres – jazz, rap, pop…

3. it covers heavy, everyday life topics – bullying, pregnancies, identity…

4. it’s cast covers the entire rainbow including the pot of gold

5. it’s a modern day Aesops fable – every episode has a moral

7. it’s a heartwarming, feel good show

In other words, Glee gives us what we want; everything.


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