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Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

It’s PI Day!


It’s pi day.

There’s a growing number of pi-related posts, so we’re going to focus on a different PI — us — People Interact.

Here are 3.14 (rounded down to 3) things about PI:

1. What’s the story with PI?

Since developing and completing our people-centered design project in 2008, we learned that there are two crucial aspects in usability: 1) people and 2) interactions. When brainstorming for names for our consulting gig, we came up with People Interact (PI). Read more about our project.

2. Who’s behind PI?

There are two of us behind PI. “Partners in crime”, we’re sometimes called.  Other times, “peas in a pod”.  We’re always scheming and coming up with all sorts of ideas. Find out more about us.

3. What’s the purpose of PI?

Using a people-centered holistic, systems-thinking approach, we assist with individual and organizational performance. Contact us for more info.


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